Warranty terms

  • For the goods transferred to the buyer, the warranty period is set from 14 to 30 days, for the Nanopix electronic control board - 6 months.
  • This warranty is valid upon presentation of: an order form signed by the Buyer.
  • The maximum warranty period for repairs cannot exceed 30 days.
  • Warranty service of the product includes free repair work or replacement of the product with a new one if repair is impossible.
  • Warranty obligations do not apply to products that have been damaged as a result of irresponsible or careless handling, non-observance of the instructions for using the product, tampering with the electrical circuit of the product or performing self-repair, disassembly of the model, normal wear and tear, ingress of liquids, foreign objects.
  • All conditions of the guarantee are valid within the framework of the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Warranty obligations do not apply to: batteries, parts subject to natural wear and tear, as well as other products and components subject to strong mechanical stress during operation: motors, servo drives, gears.

Purchase returns

If you need to send the goods back to our service center, there are several important points:
  • When sending, please include a leaflet with the order number, your contact details and a description of the malfunction or the reason for contacting the order.
  • It is necessary to send a complete set of the model (sending individual parts is possible only in agreement with the service center).
  • When sending through any transport company, you must additionally pack your goods so that there is no additional damage during transportation.

  • If inconsistencies or defects are found:
    Call by phone: + 7-987-086-20-32
    E-mail us: info@minibot.tech